Electronic Cigarettes Sydney Australia

The booming industry of electronic cigarettes has already attracted millions of users from all over the world. Several studies have proven that e-cigarettes would greatly impact society in so many amazing ways. So, what makes all these people switch into vaping? Read on and find out what e-cigarettes have to offer.

Benefits of Vaping

E-cigarettes did not become a trend for nothing. It offers a variety of benefits from health to economic reasons.

Electronic cigarettes are a safer alternative to tobacco.

First of all, e-cigarettes have been proven to be so much safer than tobacco. Aside from the more manageable nicotine content of e-cigs, they also eliminate all the worse health hazards that smoking tobacco brings.

What makes smoking tobacco very bad to public health is that it produces thousands of chemicals, many of which are carcinogens and tar. In contrast, vaping do not burn tobacco. Scientist Professor Michael Siegel argues that while experts are yet to identify all the chemicals emitted by cigarette smoke, the chemicals in e-liquid vapors have already been known.

Switching to e-cigs help you regain your sharp sense of taste and smell.

 Because vaping is safer to people’s health compared to tobacco, it eliminates much of the health side-effects that smoking causes. One major health difference that vapers observe after switching is that they begin to smell all the sweetness and aromas they missed during their years of tobacco smoking. They also begin to regain their taste buds’ sensitivity to subtle flavors. In fact, 79.8% of vapers have reported an improvement in their sense of smell, as revealed in a study by the University of Alberta in 2009.

E-Cigs help us save a lot of money.

A typical Australian chain smoker can consume as many as 20 cigarettes a day (or more). So switching to e-cigs could help you save as much as $5000 a year, or less if you smoke fewer cigarettes a day. You savings may also vary depending on how much you are planning to spend on e-cigs and how you use the device.

E-cigs let you legally smoke in most public places.

Perhaps one of the best benefits of e-cigs is the freedom it gives to vapers. Currently, most public places, both indoors and outdoors, allow e-cig vaping. However, some private establishments may put restrictions on the use of e-cigs.

Do e-cigs have any side effects?

E-cigs are usually safe except for very few people who are allergic to propylene glycol (PG). The small percentage of vaping population who are allergic to PG may experience sore throats and dryness of throats. However, if you are allergic to PG, you can use 100% VG e-liquid, available from most e-liquid manufacturer. Apart from that, e-cigs don’t have any more side-effects.

Sometimes, though, people confuse allergic symptoms to the effects of quitting smoking. When you experience the following conditions, it is because your body is trying to cope with smoking withdrawal:

  • coughing
  • mouth ulcers
  • respiratory problems
  • chest pains
  • mood swings

How does it compare to a regular cigarette?

Weight >> Aside from health improvement, e-cigarettes differ from traditional cigarettes because it is heavier, given all the parts it needs to function. Weight, however, doesn’t really pose any issue to most vapers since it would only take a few days for a new user to get used to it. Most even move on to heavier refillable tank systems and variable voltage e-cigs.

Taste >> Depending on your smoking preferences, your e-cig experience may give similar or different taste. With hundreds of e-liquid in the market, however, many vapers begin to experiment with different flavors and find them quite enjoyable.

Throat Hit >> Vapers often talk about the difference of smoking and vaping in terms of throat hit- that sensation you feel at the back of your throat after inhaling either cigarette smoke or e-cig vapor.

Vapers claim that different e-cigs have different throat hit sensations. While one could be slightly tickly, the other could be virtually identical to a cigarette.

Hangsen Sydney Australia

Why Do We Buy Hangsen?
Have you ever wondered why we only sell Hangsen eliquids? Well, it doesn’t take a genius to know that Hangsen produces the best flavours and the best vaping equipment in the market today. But if you need a bit more convincing…here are some more reasons.

Veteran e-liquid manufacturer
Well, first of, they’ve been in the business for a good number of years. Since 2009 actually. And since then, Hangsen has become the world’s largest ejuice manufacturer. With a record like that, it’s already obvious why we carry Hangsen juices here. But that’s not all. We got a couple of other good reasons why we promote and sell only from the best.

Excellent R&D
Being the best in the game also hasn’t slowed Hangsen down. In fact, even if they are already the leading manufacturer of top-of-the-line vape ejuices, the company still makes it a point to invest in excellent Research and Development. As such, they keep on top of their medical and technical knowledge, which naturally results in fantastic products.

Fantastic Flavours
If you haven’t tasted an ejuice made by Hangsen then you are definitely missing out. With years of creating the best tasting eliquids in the market, Hangsen has practically perfected their process. And if the rest of the vaping world hasn’t convinced you yet of the quality of Hangsen flavours, then you definitely need to go check out their flavourful line and try one out. But be warned: once you try one, you’re going to definitely want to buy more (which really isn’t a bad thing, at all). So go get your vape flavour needs satisfied. Head on to https://sms.vapeeasy.com.au/shop/e-liquid to check out our Hangsen Flavours. Enjoy.

Ecig Battery Sydney Australia

Battery life is a really important factor in the overall performance of an electronic cigarette. Although lithium-ion polymer batteries are a huge leap forward from their disposable predecessors, they can quickly die out if they’re not taken care of properly. E-cigarette battery prices aren’t exactly prohibitive, but with having to regularly buy cartomizers and e-liquid, costs will add up faster than you can imagine. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to make sure you get the most life out of your battery before replacing it.

1. Use regularly
Just like the lithium-ion batteries in your cellphone or iPod, an e-cig battery is designed for frequent use. The more you use it, the easier power flows through its cells, increasing efficiency and life span. Think of this as our need for regular exercise to remain in “working order”. You don’t necessarily have to use your electronic cigarette every single day, but making a habit out of leaving it unused for long periods of time can definitely affect its performance.

2. Mind your storage
Be careful where you put your batteries: direct sunlight and heat dramatically affect their lifespan. Keep your battery away from water as well. You should also be mindful of impact to the battery – don’t drop it or allow it to get hit.

3. Don’t let it hit 0%
Most e-cigarette starter kits come with at least two batteries, making it easier for users to switch between them whenever they need to. What most newbie vapers don’t know is that they shouldn’t wait until the LED tip of the battery starts to blink, signaling the need to recharge. Waiting until the battery is fully drained will most certainly reduce its life and increase charging time.

4. Disconnect cartomizer
Few e-cigarette users know that even when you’re not actively vaping, if the cartomizer is connected to the battery; it’s slowly draining it of juice. Disconnecting the cartomizer when you’re not using your device for an extended period of time extends the interval between recharges, ultimately increasing battery life.

5. Unscrew E-cig Battery When Finished Charging
Once the battery is fully charged as signaled by the green LED on your USB charger or wall adapter, it’s recommended that you unplug it to avoid overcharging, which can also overwork the device and reduce its lifespan. Leaving batteries to charge overnight might seem convenient but it’s definitely not advisable. Well, that’s it. A couple of simple tips to follow, but you can be sure that they’re pretty effective. Your battery will thank you for it.

SMOK Koopor 80W Knight Kit Sydney Australia

smok koopor quick details

SMOK’s is very popular when it comes to vape mods with a top value of 80W. Apparently, they’re pretty good with the 80-watt setup. Just take, for example, Quantum and the M80.
Now they’re working their magic again with the Koopor 80W.

Inspiring Design

One of the nice things about the Koopor 80W is it’s beautiful design of a medieval dragon or griffin. It’s very inspiring if you think about that dragons and griffins breathe fire. (Wait, do griffins breathe fire?) Anyways, this is one design that’s very much on point. Colors are white, orange (for fire!), gray, or silver.

Tough Body

The Koopor 80w is tough and durable, and – surprise! – not as heavy as it looks. And this is great since you want to be able to bring your mod with you all the time. How is a dragon supposed to breathe fire if you don’t bring the, um, dragon?

The secret to the light weight and portability is the zinc alloy used to provide support for the Koopor 80w. Even with the atomizer, you won’t notice that you have it in your pocket or purse. The entire kit weighs less than half a pound.

Cool Dimensions

SMOK’s Koopor 80W Knight Kit measures 81.5 mm long x 43 mm x 24.5. Finding space for it won’t be a problem. The Helmet Atomizer, on the other hand is, 24.5 mm in diameter and efficiently holds up to 2 ml of e juice.

The Helmet Atomizer

At first look, the SMOK Koopor 80W Knight Kit is impressive when fully assembled: tank and mod together. It’s a good looking kit. But don’t forget the atomizer! It deserves some time in the spotlight too. To open it the lid must be pressed and turned to open. It’s basically like a bottle of medicine, child-proof, which is a great feature for vapers who have little kids in the house.

Visually, you can say the atomizer might even resemble a knight’s headpiece. This gives the kit a cool visual in terms of the mouthpiece. You can also easily view the e-liquid level, which is another feature you want in your kit.

Accessing Your Kit

In terms of use and accessibility, the Koopor efficiently tells you what you need to know via the A 0.91-inch OLED screen. Power on the device and easily choose your settings via the small buttons above the USB port. The screen also allows you to know how your mod is working, by showing you watts, volts, resistance, temperature, battery power, etc.

All in all the SMOK Koopor 80W Knight Kit is one kit that you want in your side. You won’t regret having the Knight in your team.

Innokin Coolfire IV 100W TC100 Sydney Australia

Innokin has recently released an impressively powerful vaporizer: the Coolfire IV. This new Innokin technology takes pride in being the most compact and intelligent device the company has ever produced. The Coolfire 4 definitely belongs to the best devices this year.

Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand,The Innokin Coolfire IV is actually smaller than the iStick 80w. It features some very advanced technology including Variable wattage and voltage and a spring-loading pin. Its good battery capacity is also among its many strengths.

Featuring a wattage range of 6W to 40W, the Coolfire IV offers a full range of tank resistance levels, making it ideal for every single vaper in the world. Its voltage ranges from 3.0V to 7.5V. You can easily find your sweet spot by decreasing or increasing the voltage in 0.1 Volt increments and the wattage in 0.5 Watt increments.

The vaporizer is made of great quality of materials, rendering it with a sleek and smart design. It also has some impressive safety features, typical of an Innokin device. It has Low Voltage Warning, Pass Through, Short Circuit/Atomizer Protection, and Over Discharge Protection, features which exceed the present e-cig norm.

The Innokin Coolfire 4 also includes a feature which remembers your previous wattage and voltage settings, a feature that makes vaping very convenient because now you won’t need to start from scratch just to find your favorite unique vape.

Another great feature is its flush 510-connection which uses a spring-loaded positive pin. The connector’s threading is made of stainless steel  and includes the ego-thread adapter. This makes the Coolfire 4 compatible with just about any device since you can just fit any device to it and make a very clean connection. The device makes vaping a lot easier with its conveniently located firing button. It is also comfortable to hold and lets you change the settings with just a few quick adjustments.

The Coolfire 4’s use of VRMS DC current lets you find your favorite vape intensity with impressive accuracy, with a power deviation of only 0.1 watt. With the Coolfire 4, you don’t waste a drop of power. The full 40 watts is precisely maintained between 0.3 and 2.5 ohms, giving you the vape settings that you always want.

Joyetech eVic VTwo Mini With CUBIS Pro Kit Sydney Australia

The Joyetech eVic-VT gives you the freedom of choosing one among four coil heads, including Nickel coil heads, Titanium coil heads, CL coil heads, and CLR coil heads. The first two can be used in Variable Temperature mode. So when you want to use the Variable Temperature feature, you’ll need to get either the new Titanium (Ti) coild head or the Nickel (Ni) coil head. When you get your device, Joytech gives you one Nickel coil head already installed in the tank and one Titanium coil in reserve.


The eVic-VT has a wide and bright OLED screen which displays easy-to-read information vertically. The displayed texts are sharp and feels natural to read. You will see what mode you’re using, either Ti or Ni, on the first line. The display changes and reads power, voltage, atomizer, and battery when you use a traditional Kanthal coil head.

On the second line of the display is the actual temperature setting in larger texts. As you press the button, the displayed texts change but the temperature will not go higher than the setting you choose.

The next line in the screen displays the wattage/voltage setting. An eVic-VT set for variable wattage shows wattage setting and the variable setting if you choose that setting.

Next line shows the atomizer’s ohm setting. And the last line in the vertical display shows the battery level in a graphical rendering.

Directly above the OLED display is the Firing Button. Given its sure-footed press button in chrome finish, the device gives you a nice tactile feeling.


The two rows of vent holes which extend almost from end to end at the bottom of the eVic-VT keeps the 5000mAh LiPo battery extremely well vented for your safety.

The eVic-VT box mod closely resembles the iStick in design, except that it  feels heavier and is visibly larger than the latter. The eVic-VT box mod is also much more refined.

The eVic-VT’s classy, deep colors and its lush, glossy finish manifest the device’s impressive quality and unique design. The creative combination (Dazzling White, Racing Yellow, and Cool Black) features a stripe of contrasting colors which runs vertically on its sides. The White eVic-VT has a blue stripe. The Black eVic-VT has a red racing stripe while the Racing Yellow has a black stripe.

The eVic-VT’s design, the flick dial and the screen display makes the device a true work of art. The multiple choice of coil heads it gives you makes it a perfect device to use with the eGo ONE Mega tank.


The Joyetech eVic-VT’s use of nickel and titanium coils gives you two options for resistance level: titanium (Ti) are 0.4ohm, while nickel (Ni) are 0.2ohm. The Ti coil heads, identified by the red O-Ring at the top and bottom, are a little larger than the Ni coil heads. These Ti coils, given its higher value of resistance, can handle higher temperatures than the nickel coils. Ti coils will give you a healthy amount of vapor and a great flavor.

Both Ti and Ni coil heads have gold plated connectors, ensuring a more accurate pass through of power.

According to Joyetech, the Kanthal wire (used in traditional coil) will consume battery life faster and vaporize eliquid faster than either Nickel or Titanium coil heads.

Therefore, it would be correct to say that the Ti and Ni coil heads allow helps your battery to last longer while giving you the ability to vape higher temperatures with less wattage.

When using the eVic-VT,  both the Titanium coil headsand the Nickel coil heads can give you a vape with great flavor and vapor. The Nickel coil heads (0.2-ohms), though, seem to provide a thicker vapor with denser flavor than the Titanium coils.

Kanger Subtank Mini V2 Sydney Australia

When Kanger released their Subtank Mini and Nano, vapers knew these new products are going to make vaping even more exciting. They were not disappointed. Kanger’s Subtank became a huge success with its amazing features and design. In a short while, Kanger made some improvements on the original Subtank and released the Subtank Mini.

All we have right now are some photos of the new Subtank Plus released by Kanger so we couldn’t make a great comparison image between the old and new versions of the product. The dimensions of the new tank remain the same as the original, still 25 mm. It still won’t fit perfectly with lots of other devices but it will be a perfect fit for the Kanger Kbox.

The new Kanger Subtank Plus differs from the original version with its bigger capacity of 7 ml. When its image was first released by Kanger, the label said 7.5 ml. But now, they seem to have changed it to 7 ml. Still, there’s no need to get disappointed. This is actually a great improvement over the original. Some, however, are not very pleased with the bigger size of the device. But when you come to think of it, the fact that it has a bigger size with a bigger capacity means that you won’t have to refill your tank with e-liquid as often as you would on other devices.

Another improvement you would see on the new Subtank is its design which makes switching from the RBA to the OCC head much simpler. Its whole RBA section is also the same as that of the Subtank Mini- a section which many consider as one of the Subtank Mini’s strengths.

The Kanger Subtank Plus does not feature anything we could call revolutionary. But it surely offers a lot of improvements over the earlier versions. The fact that the Subtank Mini satisfactorily improved on many of the original Subtank’s imperfections makes the new Subtank Plus very promising. As soon as we get the new Subtank and inspect it ourselves, we’ll give you a more detailed review, analyzing each part and function. So, keep yourself posted in our blog to get exciting updates about the Kanger Subtank Plus.

Vaping clearomizer experience Sydney Australia


Aspire Atlantis V2

Aspire Atlantis V2 Sydney Australia



Kanger Subtank Mini V2

Kanger Subtank Mini V2 Sydney Australia


Clearomizer that people are talking about

Two of the most influential e-cig manufacturers, Aspire and Kanger, have been working on transforming the concept of the traditional clearomizer / tank

On a daily basis, most consumers will use a clearomizer of some kind. Clearomizers / Tanks are easy to use and maintain, making the whole vaping experience hassle free. While some tanks require an adaptor to be used, most of them just readily complement most kinds of batteries, making this little equipment very helpful to all vapers, from beginner to veteran.

The humble clearomizer, however, simply cannot compete with the more complex rebuildable dripping atomizers (RDA). RDA’s features make it a better alternative for people who are looking for better vapor production and, of course, better taste. Anyone who is interested in the e-cig world will surely have heard of the famous RDA and all those big clouds it produces. More ‘hardcore’ vapers, as we call them, favor RDA for its better vapor production, its endlessly customizable wicks, and for the joy of tinkering it offers.

RDAs are well-loved for all the benefits it offers. But now, Kanger and Aspire step into the scene with their promises of revolutionary tanks which, as they say, would match the performance of the RDA. Will it really be a “Game over for the pro Vapor cloud chasers” as Aspire boldly claims?

Aspire’s Atlantis Tank and the Kanger’s Sub Tank were both announced to the masses within a day of each other and will both available in the market soon. Will these two new tanks shape the future of the vaping world?

So, what makes these two that promising?

The atomizer heads or coils of these tanks make the biggest difference. With RDAs, the resistance of the atomizer is lower than those which are being used in traditional clearomizers. So when a battery of a higher power is used combined with a lower coil resistance level, there will be an increase in vapor production, as well as flavor intensity.

The Aspire Atlantis will utilize a resistance level which is common with typical RDA set-ups. With Aspire’s 0.5ohm resistance coils, this new tank promises to match an RDA in terms of vapor production and taste. But it doesn’t end there. Aspire also promises a bonus of not having to rebuild coils, wicks and drip juice onto the wicks. So now, we’re looking at a tank that would let us enjoy an RDA-quality vape while essentially doing all the hard work for us.

The Kanger Subtank offers the same exciting features. The only difference is that it allows users to rebuild the coils if they want to.

Until these two revolutionary tanks hit the market, we cannot really tell whether they could live up to our expectations. And if these tanks are proven to be a success, it won’t be long for other companies to start manufacturing similar devices too.

For now, the whole e-cig world awaits for this exciting breakthrough to prove itself worthy of the term REVOLUTIONARY.

mods, atomizers, variable voltage

Variable Devices- Why get them?

The myriad of products and all the technical terms used in vaping can sometimes sound scary to those who are new to the e-cig world. So if you’re considering switching to the better alternative of smoking, you might feel intimidated by some strange words and phrases such as “mods”, “atomizers” and “variable voltage.”

All vapers start from being newbies before becoming e-cig veterans. We’ve been there and we’d like to welcome beginner vapers by introducing them to the world of vaping a few concepts at a time. In this article, you’ll learn the many advantages of leaving the comfort of the beginner’s life and moving on to the more advanced devices with variable voltage and wattage. Your first step to being an e-cig expert is saying goodbye to your first set of traditional beginner style device which do not give you the benefits of having an adjustable power.

Your first set of e-cig most probably includes a traditional ego style battery of a fixed voltage of 3.7 volts. The fixed voltage is actually fine but different atomizers have different levels of resistance. When combined, your battery’s voltage and the level of electrical resistance of the atomizer will produce certain level of wattage- the power needed to produce the intensity of flavor, heat and throat hit desired in the e-cig’s vapor.

When you’re aiming for a specific vape experience, a range different clearomizers of varying electrical resistance will help you achieve different amount of wattage. The same is true when you have different sets of batteries of different voltage levels. You can combine the amount of voltage from a battery with the atomizer’s level of resistance and get the wattage you need. If you like light and subtle flavors, you could opt for a lower wattage. But if you’d like to vape more flavor and volume of vapor, you will need to increase your wattage output- high enough to get the coil hotter. Just be careful you don’t get it too hot or you’ll get a burnt e-liquid taste in your vape.

Wattage and Voltage- What’s the difference?

As explained earlier, being able to adjust for wattage brings much difference to the vape experience. Because it’s great to get the taste and experience that vapers prefer, e-cig manufacturers nowadays offer different types of Box Mods with the option for adjusting the e-cig’s voltage- thus, the amount of wattage. Beginner style variable batteries let the vaper choose different levels of wattage. Some would let you adjust for voltage, some only for wattage. Either of the two options will help you achieve the same results. But understanding the difference between the two terms will surely come in handy as you move on to being a vape veteran.

So, what really is Voltage? Think of it this way: When you push the button, the amount of power released by the battery is measured in terms of voltage. The current then flows through the atomizer which possesses certain level of resistance. The levels of resistance and voltage produce certain level of wattage. So when you need to create certain amount of power, you’ll have to know the resistance of your atomizer and then adjust the voltage accordingly.

While voltage is about the power coming through the atomizer and its resistance, wattage is the end result. A variable wattage device can determine the atomizer’s resistance for you and give you the level of voltage you’ll need to achieve the wattage that you want. This type of device can be very handy. You’ll just need to attach an atomizer of any level of resistance, set the wattage you want, and you’ll get, right away, the voltage you’ll need to get your preferred power.

Variable wattage devices can help you get the exact type of vape you want in a very convenient way. Once you know the power setting that hits your sweet spot, all you have to do is set your variable device and, voila, it gives you the wattage you need to get your personal vape preferences.

To wrap it all up

Variable devices, which can either be variable voltage or variable wattage devices, let you get the specific taste, intensity and overall vape experience you want. All you have to do is know the power setting that suits you best and your variable device will make sure you always get that favorite vape. Team it up with the right tank of e-juice and your vape will always be just the way you want it.

Buy Eliquid Sydney Australia

The world of e-cigarettes make so much use of e-liquids or e-juice, making these enjoyable products a fundamental part of a vaper’s life. Because e-liquids are something we continuously develop and consume, we’d like to take you through a special crash course to get you acquainted with the basics of e-liquids and introduce you to different ways of making them suit your taste. With more knowledge on the subject, you will soon find yourself making wiser decisions for your e-cig products.

If you’re new to using e-cigarettes, you might feel estranged to some terms often used by vapers around you. Most of these technical terms deal with e-liquids. But feel estranged no more because today, you will understand these e-liquid terms and know how they all work for a more satisfying vaping experience. But before everything, here’s a bit of e-liquid history.

Some E-Liquid History

People were a bit hesitant about electronic cigarettes the first time they were released in the market. One of the biggest concerns was about the safety of e-liquids, especially that most of them were made in China. People wanted to make sure that e-liquids wouldn’t harm their bodies with their unknown contents. Many questioned the quality of e-liquids and their nicotine content.

But as businesses caught up with the booming e-cig industry, a lot of dependable manufacturers from different countries have started to develop high quality e-liquids while creating more flavors and some exciting ingredient combination. With some reputable laboratories and by working with authorities, e-liquid manufacturers have begun to achieve CHIP compliance among their products and soon acquired global recognition. To ensure that consumers are provided with liquids which are above and beyond unregulated products in the market, we at VapeEasy make sure that our customers only get quality products from these internationally certified manufacturers.

Finding the best e-liquid manufacturers meant a lot of dedicated work for VapeEasy. As a company building its name with unsurpassed quality and dependability, VapeEasy had scouted the e-cig market for the best and quality e-cig products. We especially looked for brands of e-liquids that ensure both safety and enjoyment for our customers. We also make sure our collection includes the widest possible selection of quality-controlled e-liquids to cater to every customer’s specific needs.

Check our range of E-liquid produced by Hangsen, the world’s largest e-liquid manufacturer

What is e-liquid?

What makes vaping an enjoyable hobby lies on e-liquids and the tricks to producing the best flavor and intensity out of them. All e-cigarettes require e-liquids to enable the device to produce the vapor that people love to inhale and exhale. So whether your e-cig uses a fluid tank system or a pre-filled cartomizers, e-liquids will always be among your vaping priorities. To help you understand the role of e-liquids, consider these three main ingredients:


Nicotine is what people blame for some bad effects of traditional cigarettes. This stimulant can be very addictive and some people actually crave for higher concentrations of nicotine. Many, though, are conscious about their nicotine consumption and try to lessen the amount they use. This is when e-cigarettes come in to lessen the problem. For those who cannot stand nicotine withdrawal, the nicotine content of e-liquids is usually mixed in higher concentration, but not as high as that of tobacco.


Nicotine doesn’t really have any discernable taste. So to add some life into your vape, some flavoring is mixed into the e-liquid. Choosing from hundreds and hundreds of exciting flavors is one of the reasons why vaping has become such a popular hobby nowadays. There are some flavors that may sound wild and even challenging. Some offer tastes of fruits you might not have even tried before.


Now that you have your nicotine level and preferred flavor mixed, you will need something to dilute them with. Your diluents are added into these first two ingredients to help you achieve the correct strength of both. It also adds the part of the solution responsible for producing the vapor that is to be inhaled by transporting the first two ingredients from the e-cigarette to the vaper. Diluents also generate that “throat hit” that many vapers talk about, producing the sensation you get at the back of your throat once you inhale the vapor.

Most Commonly Used Diluents

Propylene Glycol (PG)

Propylene Glycol combines nicotine and flavoring in a solution in order to produce throat hit. It also dilutes the ingredients to achieve correct viscosity. Usually mixed with 80% PG and 20% VG, it makes a great diluent to suit everyone’s needs.

Vegetable Glycerine (VG)

VG alone can be very viscous and thick in its raw state. Glycerine helps your e-liquid produce greater vapor while adding a bit of sweetness into the solution.

Aqueous Glycerine (AG)

AG is another viscous-controlling addition to your e-liquid. It is diluted with de-ionized water until the desired viscosity is achieved. AG can easily be used by e-liquid mixers at home.

So if you want to achieve a specific viscosity, flavor strength and nicotine content, knowing how to combine the three ingredients can yield the perfect e-liquid just for your own special taste.

E-liquid Strength

As you’ve just learned, your e-liquid may be very light or strong depending on the amount of nicotine you put in the solution. Nicotine is measured in milligrams per milliliter (mg/ml). By knowing how much of your e-liquid is actual nicotine, you can easily compare your liquid’s strength to other e-liquid types and to the regular cigarettes.

For example, if a cigarette’s packaging says it contains 1.8mg, the 20 cigarettes in a single pack provides you a total of 36mg of metabolized nicotine. On the other hand, once your e-liquid’s packaging indicates 18mg of nicotine content, In comparison, an e-liquid of 18mg/ml strength denotes that each milliliter of fluid contains 18mg of nicotine. So if you were to vape only 1ml of this e-liquid, you were only able to consume 1.8mg of nicotine.

By using an e-cig instead of traditional tobacco, your body absorbs so much less nicotine. So if you only smoke occasionally, you will find an e-liquid of 10mg/ml a pretty good starting point. But if you’re a heavy smoker, using about 20 sticks a day, you’ll be satisfied with 18mg/ml of nicotine in your e-liquid.

The e-liquid’s nicotine content can also be expressed in terms of percentage, depending on the proportion of nicotine to the rest of the liquid ingredients. For example, a solution with 1mg/ml of nicotine contains 0.1% of nicotine. While diluent and flavoring consist 99.9% of the liquid, only 0.1% is the actual nicotine substance. Thus, an e-liquid containing 18mg/ml of nicotine contains 1.8% nicotine.

Note: We are not allowed by the Australian Government to sell nicotine based E-liquid and therefore, our Hangsen E-liquids are nicotine-free. However, you are allowed to import nicotine based e-liquid for your personal use. Have a look at Mt Baker Vapor for premium e-liquid, 100% made in the US : mtbakervapor.com