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An Introduction to E-Liquids

The world of e-cigarettes make so much use of e-liquids or e-juice, making these enjoyable products a fundamental part of a vaper’s life. Because e-liquids are something we continuously develop and consume, we’d like to take you through a special crash course to get you acquainted with the basics of e-liquids and introduce you to different ways of making them suit your taste. With more knowledge on the subject, you will soon find yourself making wiser decisions for your e-cig products.

If you’re new to using e-cigarettes, you might feel estranged to some terms often used by vapers around you. Most of these technical terms deal with e-liquids. But feel estranged no more because today, you will understand these e-liquid terms and know how they all work for a more satisfying vaping experience. But before everything, here’s a bit of e-liquid history.

Some E-Liquid History

People were a bit hesitant about electronic cigarettes the first time they were released in the market. One of the biggest concerns was about the safety of e-liquids, especially that most of them were made in China. People wanted to make sure that e-liquids wouldn’t harm their bodies with their unknown contents. Many questioned the quality of e-liquids and their nicotine content.

But as businesses caught up with the booming e-cig industry, a lot of dependable manufacturers from different countries have started to develop high quality e-liquids while creating more flavors and some exciting ingredient combination. With some reputable laboratories and by working with authorities, e-liquid manufacturers have begun to achieve CHIP compliance among their products and soon acquired global recognition. To ensure that consumers are provided with liquids which are above and beyond unregulated products in the market, we at VapeEasy make sure that our customers only get quality products from these internationally certified manufacturers.

Finding the best e-liquid manufacturers meant a lot of dedicated work for VapeEasy. As a company building its name with unsurpassed quality and dependability, VapeEasy had scouted the e-cig market for the best and quality e-cig products. We especially looked for brands of e-liquids that ensure both safety and enjoyment for our customers. We also make sure our collection includes the widest possible selection of quality-controlled e-liquids to cater to every customer’s specific needs.

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What is e-liquid?

What makes vaping an enjoyable hobby lies on e-liquids and the tricks to producing the best flavor and intensity out of them. All e-cigarettes require e-liquids to enable the device to produce the vapor that people love to inhale and exhale. So whether your e-cig uses a fluid tank system or a pre-filled cartomizers, e-liquids will always be among your vaping priorities. To help you understand the role of e-liquids, consider these three main ingredients:


Nicotine is what people blame for some bad effects of traditional cigarettes. This stimulant can be very addictive and some people actually crave for higher concentrations of nicotine. Many, though, are conscious about their nicotine consumption and try to lessen the amount they use. This is when e-cigarettes come in to lessen the problem. For those who cannot stand nicotine withdrawal, the nicotine content of e-liquids is usually mixed in higher concentration, but not as high as that of tobacco.


Nicotine doesn’t really have any discernable taste. So to add some life into your vape, some flavoring is mixed into the e-liquid. Choosing from hundreds and hundreds of exciting flavors is one of the reasons why vaping has become such a popular hobby nowadays. There are some flavors that may sound wild and even challenging. Some offer tastes of fruits you might not have even tried before.


Now that you have your nicotine level and preferred flavor mixed, you will need something to dilute them with. Your diluents are added into these first two ingredients to help you achieve the correct strength of both. It also adds the part of the solution responsible for producing the vapor that is to be inhaled by transporting the first two ingredients from the e-cigarette to the vaper. Diluents also generate that “throat hit” that many vapers talk about, producing the sensation you get at the back of your throat once you inhale the vapor.

Most Commonly Used Diluents

Propylene Glycol (PG)

Propylene Glycol combines nicotine and flavoring in a solution in order to produce throat hit. It also dilutes the ingredients to achieve correct viscosity. Usually mixed with 80% PG and 20% VG, it makes a great diluent to suit everyone’s needs.

Vegetable Glycerine (VG)

VG alone can be very viscous and thick in its raw state. Glycerine helps your e-liquid produce greater vapor while adding a bit of sweetness into the solution.

Aqueous Glycerine (AG)

AG is another viscous-controlling addition to your e-liquid. It is diluted with de-ionized water until the desired viscosity is achieved. AG can easily be used by e-liquid mixers at home.

So if you want to achieve a specific viscosity, flavor strength and nicotine content, knowing how to combine the three ingredients can yield the perfect e-liquid just for your own special taste.

E-liquid Strength

As you’ve just learned, your e-liquid may be very light or strong depending on the amount of nicotine you put in the solution. Nicotine is measured in milligrams per milliliter (mg/ml). By knowing how much of your e-liquid is actual nicotine, you can easily compare your liquid’s strength to other e-liquid types and to the regular cigarettes.

For example, if a cigarette’s packaging says it contains 1.8mg, the 20 cigarettes in a single pack provides you a total of 36mg of metabolized nicotine. On the other hand, once your e-liquid’s packaging indicates 18mg of nicotine content, In comparison, an e-liquid of 18mg/ml strength denotes that each milliliter of fluid contains 18mg of nicotine. So if you were to vape only 1ml of this e-liquid, you were only able to consume 1.8mg of nicotine.

By using an e-cig instead of traditional tobacco, your body absorbs so much less nicotine. So if you only smoke occasionally, you will find an e-liquid of 10mg/ml a pretty good starting point. But if you’re a heavy smoker, using about 20 sticks a day, you’ll be satisfied with 18mg/ml of nicotine in your e-liquid.

The e-liquid’s nicotine content can also be expressed in terms of percentage, depending on the proportion of nicotine to the rest of the liquid ingredients. For example, a solution with 1mg/ml of nicotine contains 0.1% of nicotine. While diluent and flavoring consist 99.9% of the liquid, only 0.1% is the actual nicotine substance. Thus, an e-liquid containing 18mg/ml of nicotine contains 1.8% nicotine.

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