Innokin Coolfire IV 100W TC100 Sydney Australia

Innokin Coolfire 4 TC100 Review

Innokin is one of the most popular companies in the ecig industry. That in itself is already a good enough reason to purchase the Coolfire IV TC100. In fact, Innokin is one of the most reliable manufacturers out there. And that brand reliability is easily seen in the Coolfire IV TC100.

Powered by an ultra-advanced AETHON chipset, and with a max output of 100W, this is a powerful mod worth looking into. Which is why we’ve written this review…so those of you who haven’t tried an Innokin product yet can read about what it’s like to own one of these babies.


One of the main features that you will see is the sleek design of the unit. The power button is on the curved side. The power button is easy enough to identify; so that’s a plus. The LED screen shows all the important information you need as well.

It’s easy on the hands as well as on the eyes. Smooth to the touch and with all the buttons and the USB port all easily accessible. The tank also sports the model’s trademark 3-striped design.

Performance and Functions

Another thing this baby boasts is that it can give you 100 watts of power and that is just awesome. The 3300 mAh built-in battery will also be able to keep up with the power output. The battery can last you for the day. If you’re a heavy vaper then you’re also going to love the fact that this mod supports the 2-AMP micro USB Quick Charge.

The Cons of Innokin Coolfire

Now, let’s talk about the cons.

First, the battery is not changeable. It’s built in. This is a bit of a pickle for some vapers, but for those who just want to simply enjoy good hits, then this won’t be a problem at all. After all, why change the battery when you’re already enjoying all that power and reliability.

Second: the LED Screen brightness is not adjustable. A minor con, but it’s still a thing that some vapers will notice, especially if they want to read the LED display properly.

The Pros of Innokin Coolfire

All right! Let’s talk more about how awesome this baby is.

It’s pretty affordable. Seriously, for something this powerful and reliable, you’d think Innokin would price it much higher. Good thing they didn’t though. Good thing they didn’t.

Second, the battery last like you never expected it. And that’s a 100W output right there. Get ready for big hits all day long with this mod.

Whether you’re a lefty or a righty, this mod will feel comfortable in your hands.

It charges quick, so you’re definitely going to be enjoying your vape juice as much as you want. Best get to our ejuice shop to stock up on your favourite flavour as you’re definitely going to need it once you get this mod.

All in all, Innokin made a winner with this mod.

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