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Ecigarette and Vaping Mod Safety Tips

More Vaping Safety Tips

Continuing our Vape Safety two-parter, here’s the continuation of what you have read from the first article about how to be safe while vaping. Following are 4 more vaping safety tips to keep you safely enjoying your favorite hobby. Read on and enjoy the ecigarette topic.

Charge your batteries properly

Be responsible when it comes to charging your mod’s battery (or any other battery, for that matter; such as smart phones, flashlights etc etc.) It may result into overcharging the batteries that can then ruin the performance of your battery, or even worse than that it can possibly cause a fire. Don’t leave your battery charging unattended for days on end. A lot of battery charging units claim that they go into trickle charge once the battery is fully charged but it’s better to play it safe than be sorry. Better yet, have an alarm when it’s time to pull out the charger. Most battery chargers will specify an approximate time required to fully charge the battery. Another tip, is to not fully drain the Ecigarette battery or mod battery as it can cause a memory effect on the battery. When you see that the E Cigarette charge or mod battery charge is running low, immediately charge the battery as proper care will prolong the battery’s lifespan.

Don’t overuse your mod

Always keep this in mind. When you take care of your mod or any other Ecigarette equipment, it will take care of you. Don’t abuse it or it will lead to overheating. And overheating can cause an accident. Once you feel that your vape is getting too warm, let it rest a bit. And like the previous tip, place it where it can’t be reached by minors/children.

Watch your mod

Is your mod acting weird? Do you notice something weird about your Ecigarette? Stop using it! Maybe there’s an actual defect with the unit. Maybe your mod is turning itself on all by itself, auto firing, or showing a bizarre reading. This generally happens if the mod has been dropped or come in contact with liquid that has actually gone into the internal battery unit/s. Be aware of any change in your mod from its normal operation. That way, you can keep yourself and others around you safe. If you ever notice anything wrong, better have a technician look over it just to be safe and sure.

Always inspect your batteries

Make sure you regularly check your battery in order to be safe when you use it. There are some circumstances that the film/wrap of your battery shows a bit of damage. But don’t be fooled. This covering is important. What is this wrapper for? It may seem just like a decoration for those who don’t know much about mods, but it’s really important because it keeps your battery and you safe. When you notice that there’s some damage or delaminating on the covering, replace the battery immediately. Damaged batteries have the possibility of shorting out or even rupturing.

Keep in mind that when you have something that needs to be changed or repaired, don’t be stubborn and think it will be okay. Just make sure you do the right thing. Accidents can be avoided if you properly take care of your mod and keep a good eye out for anything out of the ordinary when it comes to your Ecigarette. Vaping is a safe hobby. But as with anything that uses batteries and all tech devices such as a vape mod, it’s best that anyone handling the equipment be responsible and inspect the unit regularly.

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