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Guide to Voltage / Wattage

Variable Devices- Why get them?

The myriad of products and all the technical terms used in vaping can sometimes sound scary to those who are new to the e-cig world. So if you’re considering switching to the better alternative of smoking, you might feel intimidated by some strange words and phrases such as “mods”, “atomizers” and “variable voltage.”

All vapers start from being newbies before becoming e-cig veterans. We’ve been there and we’d like to welcome beginner vapers by introducing them to the world of vaping a few concepts at a time. In this article, you’ll learn the many advantages of leaving the comfort of the beginner’s life and moving on to the more advanced devices with variable voltage and wattage. Your first step to being an e-cig expert is saying goodbye to your first set of traditional beginner style device which do not give you the benefits of having an adjustable power.

Your first set of e-cig most probably includes a traditional ego style battery of a fixed voltage of 3.7 volts. The fixed voltage is actually fine but different atomizers have different levels of resistance. When combined, your battery’s voltage and the level of electrical resistance of the atomizer will produce certain level of wattage- the power needed to produce the intensity of flavor, heat and throat hit desired in the e-cig’s vapor.

When you’re aiming for a specific vape experience, a range different clearomizers of varying electrical resistance will help you achieve different amount of wattage. The same is true when you have different sets of batteries of different voltage levels. You can combine the amount of voltage from a battery with the atomizer’s level of resistance and get the wattage you need. If you like light and subtle flavors, you could opt for a lower wattage. But if you’d like to vape more flavor and volume of vapor, you will need to increase your wattage output- high enough to get the coil hotter. Just be careful you don’t get it too hot or you’ll get a burnt e-liquid taste in your vape.

Wattage and Voltage- What’s the difference?

As explained earlier, being able to adjust for wattage brings much difference to the vape experience. Because it’s great to get the taste and experience that vapers prefer, e-cig manufacturers nowadays offer different types of Box Mods with the option for adjusting the e-cig’s voltage- thus, the amount of wattage. Beginner style variable batteries let the vaper choose different levels of wattage. Some would let you adjust for voltage, some only for wattage. Either of the two options will help you achieve the same results. But understanding the difference between the two terms will surely come in handy as you move on to being a vape veteran.

So, what really is Voltage? Think of it this way: When you push the button, the amount of power released by the battery is measured in terms of voltage. The current then flows through the atomizer which possesses certain level of resistance. The levels of resistance and voltage produce certain level of wattage. So when you need to create certain amount of power, you’ll have to know the resistance of your atomizer and then adjust the voltage accordingly.

While voltage is about the power coming through the atomizer and its resistance, wattage is the end result. A variable wattage device can determine the atomizer’s resistance for you and give you the level of voltage you’ll need to achieve the wattage that you want. This type of device can be very handy. You’ll just need to attach an atomizer of any level of resistance, set the wattage you want, and you’ll get, right away, the voltage you’ll need to get your preferred power.

Variable wattage devices can help you get the exact type of vape you want in a very convenient way. Once you know the power setting that hits your sweet spot, all you have to do is set your variable device and, voila, it gives you the wattage you need to get your personal vape preferences.

To wrap it all up

Variable devices, which can either be variable voltage or variable wattage devices, let you get the specific taste, intensity and overall vape experience you want. All you have to do is know the power setting that suits you best and your variable device will make sure you always get that favorite vape. Team it up with the right tank of e-juice and your vape will always be just the way you want it.

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