Innokin Coolfire IV 100W TC100 Sydney Australia

Innokin Cool Fire 4 40W

Innokin has recently released an impressively powerful vaporizer: the Coolfire IV. This new Innokin technology takes pride in being the most compact and intelligent device the company has ever produced. The Coolfire 4 definitely belongs to the best devices this year.

Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand,The Innokin Coolfire IV is actually smaller than the iStick 80w. It features some very advanced technology including Variable wattage and voltage and a spring-loading pin. Its good battery capacity is also among its many strengths.

Featuring a wattage range of 6W to 40W, the Coolfire IV offers a full range of tank resistance levels, making it ideal for every single vaper in the world. Its voltage ranges from 3.0V to 7.5V. You can easily find your sweet spot by decreasing or increasing the voltage in 0.1 Volt increments and the wattage in 0.5 Watt increments.

The vaporizer is made of great quality of materials, rendering it with a sleek and smart design. It also has some impressive safety features, typical of an Innokin device. It has Low Voltage Warning, Pass Through, Short Circuit/Atomizer Protection, and Over Discharge Protection, features which exceed the present e-cig norm.

The Innokin Coolfire 4 also includes a feature which remembers your previous wattage and voltage settings, a feature that makes vaping very convenient because now you won’t need to start from scratch just to find your favorite unique vape.

Another great feature is its flush 510-connection which uses a spring-loaded positive pin. The connector’s threading is made of stainless steel  and includes the ego-thread adapter. This makes the Coolfire 4 compatible with just about any device since you can just fit any device to it and make a very clean connection. The device makes vaping a lot easier with its conveniently located firing button. It is also comfortable to hold and lets you change the settings with just a few quick adjustments.

The Coolfire 4’s use of VRMS DC current lets you find your favorite vape intensity with impressive accuracy, with a power deviation of only 0.1 watt. With the Coolfire 4, you don’t waste a drop of power. The full 40 watts is precisely maintained between 0.3 and 2.5 ohms, giving you the vape settings that you always want.

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