Joyetech eVic VTwo Mini With CUBIS Pro Kit Sydney Australia

Joyetech eVic-VT Variable Temperature

The Joyetech eVic-VT gives you the freedom of choosing one among four coil heads, including Nickel coil heads, Titanium coil heads, CL coil heads, and CLR coil heads. The first two can be used in Variable Temperature mode. So when you want to use the Variable Temperature feature, you’ll need to get either the new Titanium (Ti) coild head or the Nickel (Ni) coil head. When you get your device, Joytech gives you one Nickel coil head already installed in the tank and one Titanium coil in reserve.


The eVic-VT has a wide and bright OLED screen which displays easy-to-read information vertically. The displayed texts are sharp and feels natural to read. You will see what mode you’re using, either Ti or Ni, on the first line. The display changes and reads power, voltage, atomizer, and battery when you use a traditional Kanthal coil head.

On the second line of the display is the actual temperature setting in larger texts. As you press the button, the displayed texts change but the temperature will not go higher than the setting you choose.

The next line in the screen displays the wattage/voltage setting. An eVic-VT set for variable wattage shows wattage setting and the variable setting if you choose that setting.

Next line shows the atomizer’s ohm setting. And the last line in the vertical display shows the battery level in a graphical rendering.

Directly above the OLED display is the Firing Button. Given its sure-footed press button in chrome finish, the device gives you a nice tactile feeling.


The two rows of vent holes which extend almost from end to end at the bottom of the eVic-VT keeps the 5000mAh LiPo battery extremely well vented for your safety.

The eVic-VT box mod closely resembles the iStick in design, except that it  feels heavier and is visibly larger than the latter. The eVic-VT box mod is also much more refined.

The eVic-VT’s classy, deep colors and its lush, glossy finish manifest the device’s impressive quality and unique design. The creative combination (Dazzling White, Racing Yellow, and Cool Black) features a stripe of contrasting colors which runs vertically on its sides. The White eVic-VT has a blue stripe. The Black eVic-VT has a red racing stripe while the Racing Yellow has a black stripe.

The eVic-VT’s design, the flick dial and the screen display makes the device a true work of art. The multiple choice of coil heads it gives you makes it a perfect device to use with the eGo ONE Mega tank.


The Joyetech eVic-VT’s use of nickel and titanium coils gives you two options for resistance level: titanium (Ti) are 0.4ohm, while nickel (Ni) are 0.2ohm. The Ti coil heads, identified by the red O-Ring at the top and bottom, are a little larger than the Ni coil heads. These Ti coils, given its higher value of resistance, can handle higher temperatures than the nickel coils. Ti coils will give you a healthy amount of vapor and a great flavor.

Both Ti and Ni coil heads have gold plated connectors, ensuring a more accurate pass through of power.

According to Joyetech, the Kanthal wire (used in traditional coil) will consume battery life faster and vaporize eliquid faster than either Nickel or Titanium coil heads.

Therefore, it would be correct to say that the Ti and Ni coil heads allow helps your battery to last longer while giving you the ability to vape higher temperatures with less wattage.

When using the eVic-VT,  both the Titanium coil headsand the Nickel coil heads can give you a vape with great flavor and vapor. The Nickel coil heads (0.2-ohms), though, seem to provide a thicker vapor with denser flavor than the Titanium coils.

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