SMOK Koopor 80W Knight Kit Sydney Australia

SMOK Koopor 80W Knight Kit

smok koopor quick details

SMOK’s is very popular when it comes to vape mods with a top value of 80W. Apparently, they’re pretty good with the 80-watt setup. Just take, for example, Quantum and the M80.
Now they’re working their magic again with the Koopor 80W.

Inspiring Design

One of the nice things about the Koopor 80W is it’s beautiful design of a medieval dragon or griffin. It’s very inspiring if you think about that dragons and griffins breathe fire. (Wait, do griffins breathe fire?) Anyways, this is one design that’s very much on point. Colors are white, orange (for fire!), gray, or silver.

Tough Body

The Koopor 80w is tough and durable, and – surprise! – not as heavy as it looks. And this is great since you want to be able to bring your mod with you all the time. How is a dragon supposed to breathe fire if you don’t bring the, um, dragon?

The secret to the light weight and portability is the zinc alloy used to provide support for the Koopor 80w. Even with the atomizer, you won’t notice that you have it in your pocket or purse. The entire kit weighs less than half a pound.

Cool Dimensions

SMOK’s Koopor 80W Knight Kit measures 81.5 mm long x 43 mm x 24.5. Finding space for it won’t be a problem. The Helmet Atomizer, on the other hand is, 24.5 mm in diameter and efficiently holds up to 2 ml of e juice.

The Helmet Atomizer

At first look, the SMOK Koopor 80W Knight Kit is impressive when fully assembled: tank and mod together. It’s a good looking kit. But don’t forget the atomizer! It deserves some time in the spotlight too. To open it the lid must be pressed and turned to open. It’s basically like a bottle of medicine, child-proof, which is a great feature for vapers who have little kids in the house.

Visually, you can say the atomizer might even resemble a knight’s headpiece. This gives the kit a cool visual in terms of the mouthpiece. You can also easily view the e-liquid level, which is another feature you want in your kit.

Accessing Your Kit

In terms of use and accessibility, the Koopor efficiently tells you what you need to know via the A 0.91-inch OLED screen. Power on the device and easily choose your settings via the small buttons above the USB port. The screen also allows you to know how your mod is working, by showing you watts, volts, resistance, temperature, battery power, etc.

All in all the SMOK Koopor 80W Knight Kit is one kit that you want in your side. You won’t regret having the Knight in your team.

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