Kanger Subtank Mini V2 Sydney Australia

The Kanger Subtank Plus

When Kanger released their Subtank Mini and Nano, vapers knew these new products are going to make vaping even more exciting. They were not disappointed. Kanger’s Subtank became a huge success with its amazing features and design. In a short while, Kanger made some improvements on the original Subtank and released the Subtank Mini.

All we have right now are some photos of the new Subtank Plus released by Kanger so we couldn’t make a great comparison image between the old and new versions of the product. The dimensions of the new tank remain the same as the original, still 25 mm. It still won’t fit perfectly with lots of other devices but it will be a perfect fit for the Kanger Kbox.

The new Kanger Subtank Plus differs from the original version with its bigger capacity of 7 ml. When its image was first released by Kanger, the label said 7.5 ml. But now, they seem to have changed it to 7 ml. Still, there’s no need to get disappointed. This is actually a great improvement over the original. Some, however, are not very pleased with the bigger size of the device. But when you come to think of it, the fact that it has a bigger size with a bigger capacity means that you won’t have to refill your tank with e-liquid as often as you would on other devices.

Another improvement you would see on the new Subtank is its design which makes switching from the RBA to the OCC head much simpler. Its whole RBA section is also the same as that of the Subtank Mini- a section which many consider as one of the Subtank Mini’s strengths.

The Kanger Subtank Plus does not feature anything we could call revolutionary. But it surely offers a lot of improvements over the earlier versions. The fact that the Subtank Mini satisfactorily improved on many of the original Subtank’s imperfections makes the new Subtank Plus very promising. As soon as we get the new Subtank and inspect it ourselves, we’ll give you a more detailed review, analyzing each part and function. So, keep yourself posted in our blog to get exciting updates about the Kanger Subtank Plus.

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