Vaping clearomizer experience Sydney Australia

The Clearomizer Sub-Ohm Tank War


Aspire Atlantis V2

Aspire Atlantis V2 Sydney Australia



Kanger Subtank Mini V2

Kanger Subtank Mini V2 Sydney Australia


Clearomizer that people are talking about

Two of the most influential e-cig manufacturers, Aspire and Kanger, have been working on transforming the concept of the traditional clearomizer / tank

On a daily basis, most consumers will use a clearomizer of some kind. Clearomizers / Tanks are easy to use and maintain, making the whole vaping experience hassle free. While some tanks require an adaptor to be used, most of them just readily complement most kinds of batteries, making this little equipment very helpful to all vapers, from beginner to veteran.

The humble clearomizer, however, simply cannot compete with the more complex rebuildable dripping atomizers (RDA). RDA’s features make it a better alternative for people who are looking for better vapor production and, of course, better taste. Anyone who is interested in the e-cig world will surely have heard of the famous RDA and all those big clouds it produces. More ‘hardcore’ vapers, as we call them, favor RDA for its better vapor production, its endlessly customizable wicks, and for the joy of tinkering it offers.

RDAs are well-loved for all the benefits it offers. But now, Kanger and Aspire step into the scene with their promises of revolutionary tanks which, as they say, would match the performance of the RDA. Will it really be a “Game over for the pro Vapor cloud chasers” as Aspire boldly claims?

Aspire’s Atlantis Tank and the Kanger’s Sub Tank were both announced to the masses within a day of each other and will both available in the market soon. Will these two new tanks shape the future of the vaping world?

So, what makes these two that promising?

The atomizer heads or coils of these tanks make the biggest difference. With RDAs, the resistance of the atomizer is lower than those which are being used in traditional clearomizers. So when a battery of a higher power is used combined with a lower coil resistance level, there will be an increase in vapor production, as well as flavor intensity.

The Aspire Atlantis will utilize a resistance level which is common with typical RDA set-ups. With Aspire’s 0.5ohm resistance coils, this new tank promises to match an RDA in terms of vapor production and taste. But it doesn’t end there. Aspire also promises a bonus of not having to rebuild coils, wicks and drip juice onto the wicks. So now, we’re looking at a tank that would let us enjoy an RDA-quality vape while essentially doing all the hard work for us.

The Kanger Subtank offers the same exciting features. The only difference is that it allows users to rebuild the coils if they want to.

Until these two revolutionary tanks hit the market, we cannot really tell whether they could live up to our expectations. And if these tanks are proven to be a success, it won’t be long for other companies to start manufacturing similar devices too.

For now, the whole e-cig world awaits for this exciting breakthrough to prove itself worthy of the term REVOLUTIONARY.

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