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Volts, Resistance and Watts: Some terms you should know

Because we’re dealing with an electronic product let check some terms you should know, one most basic step we’ll have to take to turn you into an expert is to give you a crash course on electronics. I know this might sound rather “schooly” and boring. But believe me, after this quick lesson, you’ll be able to do a lot of exciting things with your e-cig, especially when you start experimenting with mods and rebuildables.

Voltage refers to the amount of power you send into an atomizer.

Resistance limits the amount of electricity that can flow through a circuit. Measured in ohms, low resistance atomizers also require lower voltage.

When voltage and resistance are combined, they create a wattage. Variable wattage mods determine how much resistance your atomizer has in order to provide the correct corresponding value of voltage you would need to send into the atomizer so that the desired wattage is met. It’s really not that hard. Mods basically do all the maths for you.
The Vaping Outlaws Ohm Reader

So, why should you care about achieving a desired level of wattage? Simple. Your vaping experience is defined by the value of wattage on your device. But there are other ways to get there.
With a variable wattage mod, you can just tell the device to create the wattage you want. For example, using a Sigelei 100W, you can ask the device to give you a 50W vape. When you push the fire button, the device then reads the atomizer’s resistance and gives you the right value of voltage you would need to get the 50W vape you want.
When your device has low resistance, you will also need less voltage to achieve any desired wattage.
The Phenom Mechanical Mod

When using mechanical mods, you’re gonna get 4.2V assuming you’re using freshly charged batteries. Say your device has 0.2ohm of resistance, sending 4.2V into it would give you 88-90W! But, what if you want to stick to your usual 50W? The simplest way to reduce wattage output is to increase your mechanical mod’s resistance. Simply bind your coils to a higher resistance to match the given voltage of 4.2. You can follow a simple equation or, better still, just download an ohms calculator available in Android, iOS and Windows Phone.
So now that you know your three basic electronic terms, you can now adjust your e-cig device to give you the best vaping experience you’ve always wanted.

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