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Why use Electronic Cigarettes?

The booming industry of electronic cigarettes has already attracted millions of users from all over the world. Several studies have proven that e-cigarettes would greatly impact society in so many amazing ways. So, what makes all these people switch into vaping? Read on and find out what e-cigarettes have to offer.

Benefits of Vaping

E-cigarettes did not become a trend for nothing. It offers a variety of benefits from health to economic reasons.

Electronic cigarettes are a safer alternative to tobacco.

First of all, e-cigarettes have been proven to be so much safer than tobacco. Aside from the more manageable nicotine content of e-cigs, they also eliminate all the worse health hazards that smoking tobacco brings.

What makes smoking tobacco very bad to public health is that it produces thousands of chemicals, many of which are carcinogens and tar. In contrast, vaping do not burn tobacco. Scientist Professor Michael Siegel argues that while experts are yet to identify all the chemicals emitted by cigarette smoke, the chemicals in e-liquid vapors have already been known.

Switching to e-cigs help you regain your sharp sense of taste and smell.

 Because vaping is safer to people’s health compared to tobacco, it eliminates much of the health side-effects that smoking causes. One major health difference that vapers observe after switching is that they begin to smell all the sweetness and aromas they missed during their years of tobacco smoking. They also begin to regain their taste buds’ sensitivity to subtle flavors. In fact, 79.8% of vapers have reported an improvement in their sense of smell, as revealed in a study by the University of Alberta in 2009.

E-Cigs help us save a lot of money.

A typical Australian chain smoker can consume as many as 20 cigarettes a day (or more). So switching to e-cigs could help you save as much as $5000 a year, or less if you smoke fewer cigarettes a day. You savings may also vary depending on how much you are planning to spend on e-cigs and how you use the device.

E-cigs let you legally smoke in most public places.

Perhaps one of the best benefits of e-cigs is the freedom it gives to vapers. Currently, most public places, both indoors and outdoors, allow e-cig vaping. However, some private establishments may put restrictions on the use of e-cigs.

Do e-cigs have any side effects?

E-cigs are usually safe except for very few people who are allergic to propylene glycol (PG). The small percentage of vaping population who are allergic to PG may experience sore throats and dryness of throats. However, if you are allergic to PG, you can use 100% VG e-liquid, available from most e-liquid manufacturer. Apart from that, e-cigs don’t have any more side-effects.

Sometimes, though, people confuse allergic symptoms to the effects of quitting smoking. When you experience the following conditions, it is because your body is trying to cope with smoking withdrawal:

  • coughing
  • mouth ulcers
  • respiratory problems
  • chest pains
  • mood swings

How does it compare to a regular cigarette?

Weight >> Aside from health improvement, e-cigarettes differ from traditional cigarettes because it is heavier, given all the parts it needs to function. Weight, however, doesn’t really pose any issue to most vapers since it would only take a few days for a new user to get used to it. Most even move on to heavier refillable tank systems and variable voltage e-cigs.

Taste >> Depending on your smoking preferences, your e-cig experience may give similar or different taste. With hundreds of e-liquid in the market, however, many vapers begin to experiment with different flavors and find them quite enjoyable.

Throat Hit >> Vapers often talk about the difference of smoking and vaping in terms of throat hit- that sensation you feel at the back of your throat after inhaling either cigarette smoke or e-cig vapor.

Vapers claim that different e-cigs have different throat hit sensations. While one could be slightly tickly, the other could be virtually identical to a cigarette.

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